Queen Mary Tea Seattle – Fit For A Queen

Hello, Hello!!!!20121228-235140.jpgIt’s just about that time of year you know???…. That time where all the festive decorations are about to get put away. Say goodbye to 2012 and “Hello New Year!!!”20121230-205228.jpg But say you want to go out….all the parties are done. You need that feeling of going some place where there is an air of pomp, celebration and ceremony. I suggest to you one of my absolutely favorite restaurant and tea houses: Queen Mary Tea Seattle20121230-211902.jpg20121230-212004.jpg It is such a great place to meet with a friend, or a whole group. There is a treasury of decor through the whole restaurant. There is something to adore in every corner- many items are available to purchase. And of course endless delicious choices of tea you can buy to take home. But let’s take a look at how fabulous it is….20121230-213135.jpg20121230-213210.jpg20121230-213254.jpg20121230-213349.jpg20121230-213439.jpg20121230-213512.jpg20121230-213542.jpg20121230-213734.jpg








20121230-214510.jpgI love the map of the world back by the bathroom that visitors can pin. Wait!!! Back to our seats….time to enjoy the delights at our table. Let’s straighten the napkin on our laps and then dab around our mouth. Once you see this…..




20121230-215014.jpg Isn’t it all amazing??? I say cozy, cute and delicious!!! I was able to get these pictures right at opening. It can get packed quick, so be sure to make a reservation. If you have someone in your group that you are celebrating, be sure to ask your hostess if you can borrow the queens jewels (a.ka. tiara or crown). The kind like the picture at the top of this post. The one below is one for sale, alas- the ones you see up top can also be purchased. Royal treatment here is endless!!!

20121230-215853.jpgQueen Mary Tea Seattle

Queen Mary Tea Room on Urbanspoon

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